Question. What happens if our angling trip is cancelled due to bad weather or other unforeseen circumstances?

Answer. At your discretion you will be offered a full refund or you may wish to book another fishing trip at a later date. 

Question. How are refunds given?

Answer. By the same method the boat trip was paid for. If you pay for the sea trip via credit card you will be refunded by credit card.

Question. When must an angling trip be paid for?

Answer. If by cheque, at least 5 working days before the trip. If by credit card, before the trip commences.

Question.Can you take credit cards on the boat?

Answer. No, not at the moment.

Question. Can the start and finish times of sea fishing trips be altered?

Answer.  Yes. Angling trips can commence earlier by arrangement if ALL anglers agree. Our skipper likes to start sooner rather than later. A 4.am start in summer is no problem.

Question. Do you hire out sea fishing fishing rods and tackle?

Answer. We prefer not to but on some special occasions this can be arranged, we do have a selection of tackle and bait available for sale on board but we prefer anglers to have their own rods and reels.

Question. Do you sell tackle on board ?

Answer. Yes. We sell terminal tackle on board, (at competitive prices) which is suitable for the Famous wrecking and rough ground fishing.

Question. Do you provide bait ?

Answer. Yes.This can be ordered when bookings are made.

Question. Are there Angling Tackle shops in Hartlepool ?

Answer. Yes. The Friarage Tackle and Bait located at Northgate, Hartlepool, TS24 0JX .

Question. Do you provide Tea and Coffee?

Answer. Yes. The kettle is always on the boil.

Question. Do the anglers keep all they catch?

Answer. Yes. Sea Anglers are requested to treat fish with respect and take only what they need for the table and do not attempt to keep undersized fish. If you are unsure the skipper will advice on size of fish that needs to be released.

Question. Is there anything anglers should NEVER DO ?

Answer. Yes, DO NOT THROW RUBBISH in the sea, there is a bin onboard and all rubbish will get disposed of in the correct manner by the skipper or place it in bags and take it home.

Question. What makes people ill or sea sick generally ?

Answer.  A main issue of been ill at sea is alcohol, I suggest you are not hung over or begin drinking on the boat as this will increase your chance of been ill when we are at sea.
You will overcome sea sickness / motion sickness as time goes on.

Question. Are they any specific terms anglers have to abide by ?

Answer. Any hire rods and reels lost over the side must be paid for,  anyone standing on rods or accidentally breaks another anglers equipment must pay for breakages.
All anglers must be fit to sail, THIS IS FOR YOUR SAFETY It’s your duty to inform the skipper of any current or previous medical issues, which would endanger you or become a problem at sea.

Cancellations due to weather will be rescheduled,

Last minute bookings sometimes can be had the night before,